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The 7 Chakras

In my quest to discover exactly what it takes to manifest my heart’s desires I have discovered some pretty interesting information.  Did you know that we are all just a ball of energy?  Weird, right!  But it’s true, we all have seven different chakras located inside of us, and each chakra has its own vibrational frequency, color and specific functions that it governs. A “chakra” by definition is, energy centers […]

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Law of Attraction in daily life

Okay, now that we have briefly explained what each of the fundamental laws that combine to create the law of attraction we can start to implement them into our daily lives.  Although this sounds easy and straightforward, I am still unsure where and how to start. I think I will begin by constantly reminding myself that my thoughts create my reality! I am also going to make a conscience effort […]

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Law of Attraction…does it work?

So, lately I have been reading up on ‘the law of attraction’ and I found that this stuff is actually pretty interesting.  As I have always been a believer of ‘karma’ and that one should live an honest and fulfilling life.  But, lately I have been feeling sort of stagnant and bored with my life, so I decided to give this law of attraction thing a go and see how […]

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