Law of Attraction in daily life

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Okay, now that we have briefly explained what each of the fundamental laws that combine to create the law of attraction we can start to implement them into our daily lives.  Although this sounds easy and straightforward, I am still unsure where and how to start.

I think I will begin by constantly reminding myself that my thoughts create my reality! I am also going to make a conscience effort to practice believing in my desires and that I am worthy of receiving what the universe has to offer me.

I feel like those are two very important tools to master before I will ever see proof that the law of attraction works.  So, I will check in daily and update you on my progress, and I promise to be 100% honest and upfront about my personal findings.  My hope is that someone will read this at the exact moment that they are needing to and that my post will help them to get aligned with their true self so that they can also experience the peace, harmony and total happiness that can be experienced when you learn to be true to yourself.

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