Vibrational Alignment

download (11)So, over the weekend I did quite a bit of researching and reading on what keeps most of us (including myself) from being able to manifest our desires.  And I discovered that it is not because we are not deserving, or nice enough, or can’t hold positive thoughts long enough…nope, those are not the reasons.  The absolute reason that we cannot manifest our desires is because we are not vibrationally aligned with what we are requesting from the universe.  In other words, if we desire wealth, but we are focused on the “lack” of wealth then we are not vibrationally aligned with what we are requesting.  Instead, we must be focused on how we will “feel” when we do have all of that wealth.  That is the key to the law of attraction and being able to manifest our hearts desires.

All Requests are Immediately Answered!

When we ask, the universe will always respond!!  No exceptions!  However, if the universe is responding, but we are not open to receiving the response then to us it seems like our requests are not being answered.  But, that could not be further from the truth.  Everyone’s requests are answered immediately, but we are only able to receive the response if we are open to receiving and vibrationally aligned with our request.

I just wanted to post this information really quick, so that hopefully it will help you guys understand how to be successful at manifesting your hearts desires.  I will post more on “how” to get vibrationally aligned with your desires in my next post.  Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!





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