Empath: Developing Boundaries

download (3)There are some things that we Empath’s must do on a daily basis to keep us from carrying around other people’s energy through out the day.  But, there are other things we should also be doing that have a more long term affect on our energy, and one of those is to develop our personal boundaries.  By developing these boundaries we are not trying to be mean, or trying to control anyone, but we are protecting ourselves from things that are not in our best interest.  Often times when we start to develop these boundaries some of those in our life will question our intention and accuse us of shutting them out.  But we must remember that developing boundaries is something that you do for yourself, and even though we may run the risk of disappointing others we must be daring enough to do it anyway.

I have heard that we teach others how to treat us, and if you think about it that statement is very true.  If we accept bad behavior from others we are only reinforcing to them that we are willing to accept it even though we may not like it.  For Empath’s it is difficult to implement these boundaries, mainly because we are so accustom to taking on others problems that we feel guilty when we decide that we don’t want to do that anymore.  And, guilt is a negative emotion that will prevent us from living a happy and harmonious life.  So, as Empath’s we must learn to develop some boundaries so that we are free to experience the positive energy that the Universe can provide.



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