Empath: Which Type are You?

In an effort to embrace and better understand my newly discovered gift of being an Empath, I did some research and it turns out that there are tons and tons of different types of Empaths.  Who knew?  So, I decided to do a post about the different types and explain what they are and list some of the characteristics associated with each type.  This information was helpful for me to determine the type of Empath that I am, so maybe it will help you too!

     1.  Claircognizant Empath:  42388779_238896970119347_1205653382546647659_n

Claircognizance is the intuitive ability of clear knowing.  It is one of the most doubted abilities by those who hold this intuitive gift, because it is often hard to discern between what is a claircognizant thought delivered from Spirit, and what is a just a self thought.

2.   Emotionally Receptive Empath:

An emotionally receptive empath is able to actually feel the emotions of others just by being around them.  They may experience the emotions themselves or just be able to identify what others are feeling.

 3.  Physically Receptive Empath:

A physically receptive empath will feel the physical pain that others are experiencing.

4.  Fauna Empath:images (12)

An empath that is drawn to animals is a fauna empath. They can often feel the emotions of animals.

5.  Flora Empath:

This type of empath can communicate with plants, being able to receive physical and emotional signals.

6.  Geomantic Empath:

Geomantic empathy is sometimes called place or environmental empathy. Those with this ability have a fine attunement to the physical landscape. If you are a geomantic empath, you will feel a deep connection to certain places.

7.  Medium Empath:

A medium uses their psychic or intuitive abilities to see the past, present and future events of a person by tuning into the spirit energy surrounding that person.

 8.  Psychometric Empath:

Psychometry is skill where the empath receives impressions from objects. If you have this ability, you will be able to receive information from inanimate objects such as jewelry, photographs and clothing. Such impressions can be perceived as images, sounds, smells, tastes or emotions

   9.  Precognitive Empath:

Precognition is also called future vision. It is the psychic ability to know the future. Anyone could be a precognitive empath. It could be your gift by birth, or you can develop this ability by practising and opening your mind to extrasensory perception.

 10.  Telepathic Empath:

A person with the paranormal ability to read others’ thoughts and mental contents is called a telepathic empath.



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