As an empath and a claircognizant you would think that my biggest struggle would be with not taking on others energy as my own, but in fact that is not my biggest struggle. What I struggle with the most is learning to love myself for exactly who I am! Why is this so hard?

I can easily accept others for who they are and rarely place expectations on them. I am able to easily relate to how they are feeling and what they are experiencing and can even give some pretty sound advice on how they can try to deal with their circumstances, but when it comes to me….I am at a loss! For example, if I have someone to cook for I will prepare wonderful dinners without even blinking an eye. But, if I am eating alone (which I do most of the time) I can’t even manage to heat some leftovers up in the microwave and will often go without dinner or go through a drive thru and grab a dollar cheeseburger. Why can’t I value my health and longevity as much as I do others? How is it possible that I can find it in myself to be motivated to help others, but I can’t find the motivation to help myself?