Law of Attraction: Learn to Manifest in 68 Seconds

Lately, I have been digging deeper into the whole aspect of manifesting, and I ran across a technique while reading the book, “Ask, And It Is Given,” by Jerry and Esther Hicks, that will allow you to manifest anything you want in approximately 68 seconds! Here is how it works:

Think of something that you want to manifest, and continue to hold that thought without interruption for 17 seconds. Once you have held a pure thought for at least 17 seconds, it will have enough momentum to activate another thought just like it, and now the two thoughts combine together to create a more powerful thought. Continue to hold that same thought purely for another 17 seconds, and again the Universe will send you another thought that is an exact vibrational match. These thoughts then coalesce to create an even more powerful thought. Continue this process of holding your thought for 17 seconds until you have reached a total of 68 seconds. Once you have held a pure thought for 68 seconds you have activated the Law of Attraction, and by law the Universe will now start to align circumstances and events that will allow this thought to manifest into your existence.

Because, as we know, whatever we think about becomes our reality. So, make the conscious decision to focus your thoughts only on what you do want, and not on what you do not want. By doing this, you are ensuring that you are manifesting a life that you want.

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