Law of Attraction: Allowing

Lately, I’ve been curious about the aspect of allowing as it pertains to the law of attraction and manifesting. For me, this is definitely the most difficult part of the whole concept of manifestation. I have taken the time to sit down and get clear on what exactly it is that I want (step 1), and I have asked the Universe for it (step 2), but when it comes to the final step of actually allowing my desire to manifest (step 3) is where I get stuck.

I have been reading lots of articles and books about the art of allowing, and it really is not as easy as it seems. Mainly because of lack of self-love, and some other issues that are blocking my energy from flowing; therefore not allowing my desires to manifest.

So, I set out to discover how I can learn to allow these desires to come into my life, and here is what I discovered. A state of “allowing” means that you are fully aligned with the essence of the things you are trying to attract into your life. For example, if you are trying to manifest wealth then you have to get in the state of mind where you feel like you’ve already obtained wealth. Your affirmations should reflect your appreciation for having already obtained wealth. And to take it a step further, each day you should be grateful for all that you have been blessed with in this life.

A couple of other tips I discovered are first, detach yourself from how your desire will manifest, because dwelling on this will cause your vibration to lower because it represents awareness to the lack of your desire. Second, detach yourself from when your desire will manifest. Meaning you can’t sit around wondering when it will come. Instead, you should leave it to the Universe to align all the right circumstances and events to bring this desire to you at the perfect time.

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