The Power of Intention

With respect to the Law of Attraction, we are constantly hearing about intention and how we should direct it. So, what exactly is intention I wondered? So, this post is dedicated to what I discovered about intention.

My personal definition of intention is, the act of directing your awareness and focus towards something that you want to occur. So, in reference to the Law of Attraction how does intention fit in to the big picture?

Intention is the act of focusing your awareness on your desire, so setting your intention is the starting place for bringing your desires into existence.

According to Abraham-Hicks, this is how it works: First, you must purely focus on your desire for at least 17 seconds. And when I say “purely” that means without any interruptions or distractions. Your purely focused thought will then send a signal out to the Universe, and because of the Law of Attraction, the Universe will return another thought that is an exact vibrational match back to you. The first thought will now coalesce with the second thought to create an even stronger thought. Although, at this point the thoughts do not have very much strength behind them, if you continue this process until you have held your pure thoughts for at least 68 seconds then at this point you have joined several thoughts together to form a very powerful thought with enough momentum to activate the Law of Attraction. And, once you achieve this the Universe has no choice but to deliver to you exactly what you are asking for.

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