Hurricane Dorian: Please Send Prayers

Around this time last year the coast of NC was hit with Hurricane Florence, and now exactly one year later we are in the path of Hurricane Dorian. The damage that Hurricane Florence caused last year was catastrophic to my community, and she crossed land at a category 4. Hurricane Dorian was classified as a category 5 yesterday when it was still sitting directly on top of the Bahamas pounding them with life threatening winds and rains. They do expect for it to weaken slightly before it makes it to the East Coast, but still we are all petrified. Some residences and businesses are still not fully repaired from last years hit, and now we have to prepare to be hit again.

As long as I have electricity and I am able to I will provide updates as I receive them. As of 11:00am Eastern Standard time North Carolina is now under a Hurricane Watch! The stores are already running out of basic supplies like bread and water, and there are no more generators to be found within a 100 mile radius.

Last year when Hurricane Florence hit us, my whole apartment got flooded and I lost a lot of my belongings. I am so scared that it will flood again, and I am not sure if my landlord is even willing to renovate again if it does in fact flood. In addition, there are tons of people with no where safe for themselves or their pets to go during the storm. I have a group of friends, including myself, who have offered to help any of the less fortunate or elderly that need assistance in boarding up their houses, and/or helping to transport them and their pets to a safe location.

Please, can everyone take a second a say a little prayer for everyone that is in the path of Hurricane Dorian? Lord knows, we need all the prayers we can get right now. Thank you all in advance for taking the time to say a prayer. I will keep you posted as this storm gets closer.


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