Are We All Just Energy?

Quantum physics supports the theory that everything is energy, and it states that if we want to attract something into our lives then we must align our vibration to the same frequency as our desire. It also supports the notion that our purely focused thoughts eventually manifest into our reality, whether we want them to or not. Think about that for a minute. Could the concept of life really be that simple? Are we able to control circumstances in our life by simply directing our focus?

I read recently that prior to incarnating into our Human bodies that each one of us choose what we want to focus on learning in this life. And once we have chosen the focus of our life here on Earth we then set out to find an appropriate family for our soul to incarnate into that will allow us to learn these specific lessons. Remember, that with each lesson that is successfully learned we are expanding our consciousness, and that is the overall goal of all souls.

Prior to incarnating into our Human bodies, we know the power of our thoughts. We know that we are always connected to Source energy and that we can easily change our circumstances to fit our desires just by re-focusing our thoughts. So while we are choosing our life lessons we do not consider things like money, sickness, abuse or any other difficulties because to our soul these issues are very minor and therefore seem well worth it to be able to expand our consciousness. This may be a hard pill for some to swallow because of all of the hardships that people suffer in their lives, but we must remember that before we incarnated into our Human bodies that we knew of our strengths and perserverance and that overcoming any obstacle could be done with purely focused thoughts and determination. So, we need not feel slighted if we chose a life with hardships and obstacles to overcome because these are the life lessons that we have come here to experience and learn from.

So, when difficulties arise in life, try to remember that your soul chose these life lessons for you so that you can overcome them and learn from them; which in turn is expanding your consciousness. If we try to put our everyday struggles into perspective and understand that we are not encountering these hardships because we have done something wrong, but because we seek to expand our awareness and consciousness so that we may better understand our life’s purpose here on Earth.

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