Auras & Their Layers

An “aura” is the electromagnetic field that surrounds the physical body, and is made up of seven different, but directly related layers. Each layer affects the other and are a direct result of our daily mood and emotional levels. Below are the seven layers that are present in everyone’s aura and a brief description of what each one relates to:

1. The Etheric Layer

This is the first of the seven layers that make up our aura, and it emanates from the root chakra. This layer relates to the overall health of our physical body and is approximately 1/2 inch to 2 inches from the surface of the skin.

2. The Emotional Layer

The second layer is the emotional layer and it extends approximately 2 to 4 inches away from the physical body. This layer is primarily connected to the sacral chakra, and relates to feelings, emotions and experience. This layer is constantly in a state of change, and is a direct reflection of our current mood. This layer also stores unsettled emotions such as fear, resentment, and loneliness.

3. The Mental Layer

The third aura layer is the Mental Layer. Its extension is four to eight inches from the physical body. This layer is connected to the solar plexus chakra, and directly relates to our consciousness, ideas, logical processes, belief systems and intellect. In this layer, thoughts and ideas are rationalized and validated. Mental health and mental issues present themselves in this aura layer.

4. The Astral Layer

The fourth layer of the aura is referred to in short as either the Astral Layer or Bridge Layer. It is eight to twelve inches away from the physical body and connects to the heart chakra, which directly relates to our sense of love, well-being, expansion and life-balance.

Where the first three layers of the aura reflect our physical nature and presence, the fourth layer is the window to our spiritual nature, separating the first three layers from the outer three aura layers.

5. The Etheric Template / Layer

The fifth aura layer is the Etheric Template Layer. It is one to two feet away from the physical body. It connects with the throat chakra, and relates to sound, vibration, communication and creativity. This layer of the aura primarily serves as a carbon copy of the physical body on the spiritual plane.

The etheric template layer is the seat of our higher consciousness and higher will. Vibrations from the physical plane and the spiritual plane communicate here, thus manifesting thoughts into substance, and creating paths for all possibilities.

6. The Celestial Layer

The sixth aura layer is called the Celestial Layer. It extends two to three feet away from the body and relates to the third-eye chakra which reflects our subconscious mind. It is where the physical mind comes to connection with the spiritual mind through meditation and devotional practices.

It is connected with the sixth chakra, memories, dreams, spiritual awareness, intuitive knowledge, trust, honesty, and unconditional love. The Celestial Layer holds our experiences of having a connection to something greater than ourselves.

7. The Ketheric Template Layer

The seventh aura layer is known as the Ketheric Template Layer or Causal Layer. It is connected to the crown chakra, and represents all knowledge and all possibilities. This layer protects and holds all other aura layers together, and contains the blueprint of our spiritual path, reflecting all of our soul’s experiences and events through time.

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