Understanding the “Ego”

We have all heard of the ego, and we most likely think of it as something that becomes inflated when someone thinks highly of themself. But the ego goes way beyond that concept and can cloud your mind and your judgement when you are faced with difficult decisions. It has been said that overcoming the ego is the central aspect of the spiritual path, and that in order to obtain a higher state of consciousness you must first overcome this ego.

The ego uses illusions to trap you in a state of spiritual blindness by convincing you that the correct path to take is the path of least resistance. However, the true correct path to take is not the easiest one, instead it is the more difficult path because only by overcoming these difficulties are we able to learn and grow and raise our consciousness. The ego wants you to run away from difficult situations and continue to believe that nothing is your fault. But this is not the path to spiritual growth. The path to spiritual growth is facing your difficulties and seeking to learn the lesson behind it.

The ego will play tricks on your mind and try to control your thoughts all in an effort to lead you in the wrong direction in life. The ego’s goal is to keep us from learning that we are all one consciousness, and that we all can draw from the same Source. The ego wishes to keep you believing that you are a separate entity from others and that you are walking the path alone. However, this is far from the truth. The truth is that we are never alone. We have dozens of angels, spirit guides, archangels, and ascended masters who are with us throughout our entire lifetime to help us along the way. If we open our hearts and our minds and embrace these facts then we will have a much happier and blissful life here on Earth.

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