Your Divine Plan

We all have a divine plan that is laid out prior to our embodiment here on Earth, but it is not a concrete plan that is carved in stone and cannot be changed. Actually your divine plan is very fluent and ever changing, and is determined directly by the choices that we make on a day to day basis. Here is my interpretation of how it works:

Our divine plan, which was decided upon prior to out embodiment, will bring to you certain situations where you will have a variety of choices to choose from, and once we make that choice it will either allow us to raise our consciousness even higher, or remain at the consciousness level that we were at prior to the choice. Then, another situation will present itself along with another set of choices to choose from, and we repeat the same pattern over and over again.

As we continue to make these choices our divine plan will start to gradually shift so that if you make a higher choice, your consciousness will rise, and if we make a lower choice then our consciousness will not rise as much. The purpose of your divine plan is not to provide you with all of the correct answers to the choices beforehand. Because if that were the case we would not have the opportunity to grow spiritually. Once you make a decision or a choice, you are able to learn and grow from that decision, and that is how your consciousness is raised.

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