Awakening to Spirituality

A blog about my path to Spiritual Awakening


Being an Empath

Well, I have discovered that I am most definitely an Empath because I get so exhausted from taking on other peoples energy throughout the day that I decided to do something about it.  Rather than walking around mad, sad, angry or whatever everyone around me is feeling, I decided to start to clear my energy of all that doesn’t belong to me.  Being an empath has its ups and downs, but […]

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Law of Attraction: Emotional Blocks

Emotional blockages are created by past negative experiences, unresolved emotions, self-defeating behaviours/patterns and self-limiting beliefs which are counter intentions that contribute to self-sabotage. They act as a defense mechanism to deal with deep emotional pain experienced in traumatic, destructive, and dysfunctional situations ranging from the loss of a loved one, betrayal, abuse, rejection, and so on. How emotional blockages manifest in your life Unfelt or suppressed emotions like anger, resentment, […]

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Update on Hurricane Florence

Well, I made it through Hurricane Florence safe and sound, but unfortunately; my apartment was completely flooded!  I want to break down and cry about losing everything that I own, but somehow I have managed to keep it together.  I am taking it day by day right now.  I just wanted to update you guys to let you know that I, and all of my friends and family are safe […]

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Hurricane Florence

Well, unfortunately for me, I live on the Southeast coast and we are preparing for a direct hit from Hurricane Florence.  If anyone reads this, please keep us in your thoughts and prayers in the upcoming days. I have decided to stay instead of evacuating since I do not live directly on the beach or waterway, but we are still expected to get massive amounts of rainfall and storm surge. […]

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Vibrational Alignment

So, over the weekend I did quite a bit of researching and reading on what keeps most of us (including myself) from being able to manifest our desires.  And I discovered that it is not because we are not deserving, or nice enough, or can’t hold positive thoughts long enough…nope, those are not the reasons.  The absolute reason that we cannot manifest our desires is because we are not vibrationally […]

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The 7 Chakras

In my quest to discover exactly what it takes to manifest my heart’s desires I have discovered some pretty interesting information.  Did you know that we are all just a ball of energy?  Weird, right!  But it’s true, we all have seven different chakras located inside of us, and each chakra has its own vibrational frequency, color and specific functions that it governs. A “chakra” by definition is, energy centers […]

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Law of Attraction in daily life

Okay, now that we have briefly explained what each of the fundamental laws that combine to create the law of attraction we can start to implement them into our daily lives.  Although this sounds easy and straightforward, I am still unsure where and how to start. I think I will begin by constantly reminding myself that my thoughts create my reality! I am also going to make a conscience effort […]

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